Art Blog Moving to a New Site

I’m making a lot of changes in 2018 and the first is a new art website. From now on, you can find my artwork and art-related blog posts at (That’s right, HTTPS. Get that security.)

While it was convenient having my art portfolio and blog here, it wasn’t practical trying to market my freelance writing business and write sometimes silly or spur-of-the-moment art posts at the same time. This new site means more freedom for me and less pressure to keep all of my posts looking “sample-worthy” for any potential clients who came across them. Not that I expect you’ll see a noticeable difference.

The Future of This Site…

…will be boring for you, if you’ve been following my art blog. This website will entirely focused on showcasing my freelance work and attracting new clients. I specialize in blog posts and web copy on digital marketing, so I’ll be tackling relevant digital marketing topics here from now on.

If that’s your cup of tea, then please do stay! I’ll be covering topics like:

  • Social Media for Business (Instagram is my favorite)
  • Marketing/Sales Funnels
  • Trends in Digital Marketing

I don’t anticipate anything too extensive – I’m not aiming to compete with Neil Patel or anything – but it’ll be my way of keeping up-to-date on industry trends and changes.

But if all of that sounds super boring, please go ahead and hit that Unsubscribe button in WordPress.

What’s In Store for the New Art Site? will feature more posts on the art I’m doing, art media I’m learning, and artists I love. It won’t be too different from what I did previously, but will hopefully look a lot nicer and eventually host a store. For now, keep those Etsy and Storenvy tabs open. I have plans. 🙂

So while it’s still under construction, feel free to start following me at:

New social media to come too!

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