I wake up groggy, lift my head to decipher the red glowing letters across the room. 7:37 am. I roll over a few times, but I am awake, internal alarm clock reliably sounding off in this same 30-minute interval most days. Compared to the strict 6:00 am schedule I’ve been
In my last post, I wrote about exhaustion and its many forms. But it would be impossible for me to spend so much time thinking about exhaustion without also reflecting on the reverse: rest and recovery. Exhaustion was ever-present and inescapable; rest eluded me. Rest and, perhaps more importantly, recovery
At the end of last semester, I stopped telling people I was “good.” Instead, when they asked, “how are you?” my answer went from “tired” to “so tired” to “exhausted.” I settled on exhausted for the rest of the semester; it sounded simple and relatable, especially in the week before
From Thursday, Nov. 14 to Friday, Nov. 15, I attended a new symposium at IU on qualitative methods. The theme and title of the event was “Researching the Margins: Conducting Qualitative Research in Quantitative Fields.” Inspired by a visit last year from Dr. Kakali Bhattacharya, the intention of this inaugural
A few days ago, another student asked what time people woke up in the morning. My reply – “6 am”  –was followed by gasps and cries of “why?!” And so I remembered I’d been meaning to write this blog post. There are multiple reasons why I crawl out of bed
Most days I wake up at 6 am. “Most days” excludes weekends and days I don’t have to be on campus. I wake up early and leave the house early too, around 8, partly to get parking. I can be ready within an hour. That leaves an extra hour between