bench snow blogging in grad school

February 25, 2019

On Blogging in Grad School

Recently, my laptop died. And looking at the stickers I’d accumulated on its surface, I got nostalgic. I’ll spare you all the details of my laptop eulogy, but in remembering one detail, I surprised myself. I started five blogs on that laptop. Five! If I were you, I’d be curious,
Emotions in Grad School woods in the winter with leaves fallen on the ground
You know those videos of people finding out they got into college? They stare at a computer screen, sometimes surrounded by family and friends, and there’s a moment when everyone grows so silent, you can almost hear the mouse click. Then, eyes widen and faces light up, followed by a
Hello, Internet-dwelling beings. It’s me, back at it again with a new blog. Since the Korea travel blog, it seems I haven’t been able to stop. I may not be very good at Twitter, and I’m gradually disappearing from Facebook, but I’m definitely a blogger. And this time, I’m pretty