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Recently, I made a big decision. I spent months agonizing over it, partly because my options were in flux for so long and partly because of my indecision. I won’t share the details, because they’re not particularly relevant, but I do want to spend time on decisions. Specifically, why are
“Talk to your racist family,” is one of the first things we say to non-Black (especially white) people concerned about social justice. With the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, as well as the nationwide protests in response, conversations about race are everywhere. Many of these
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Here in this one-bedroom Bloomington Indiana apartment, the Spring 2020 semester is over. Grades have been submitted and approved. Final papers uploaded to their respective Canvas submission pages. Any work I do from here on out will be conducted under the label “Summer 2020.” I sit on the same spot
In the White House, a white man in arguably the most powerful position in the world crosses out the word “corona” and writes, in bold black letters, “Chinese.” In a rail station bathroom, a man is spit on and told he should die because he has the “Chinese virus.” The
Dear Faculty Member, We are not okay. We are the graduate students who don’t seem to have it too bad, who have places to stay, food on the table, and are still able to pay rent. Our basic needs are met, and we are quick to acknowledge this privilege. But
I wake up groggy, lift my head to decipher the red glowing letters across the room. 7:37 am. I roll over a few times, but I am awake, internal alarm clock reliably sounding off in this same 30-minute interval most days. Compared to the strict 6:00 am schedule I’ve been