Are you interested in hiring a freelance writer, but unsure about whether we’d be a good fit? Wondering if I’m accepting new work? Or maybe you just want a quote.

Let’s knock out these concerns.


Writing Samples

If you’re curious about my writing, look for linked samples back on the Hire Me page or browse through my blog. I’ve done quite a bit of ghostwriting too. To see if I have samples in your industry, just send me a note.

Finding that Freelancer Fit

When it comes to “fit” and quotes, let’s talk! Here’s how our conversation (or email thread) might go:

  • You describe the project and its scope. I ask any clarifying questions.
  • Once I have a good idea of what you need, I’ll give you a flat rate.
  • You decide whether that sounds good and ask yourself some questions like:
    • Does this rate work for my budget?
    • Does this writer have the expertise I was looking for?
    • Have we been able to communicate well so far, with minimal awkwardness? (Fit is important too!)
  • If you decide to work with me, we’ll lay out more specific terms together (i.e. editing, interviews).
  • The writing finally begins!


How Can We Get in Touch?

Below I have the obligatory contact form. Contact forms can feel like a black hole. I can assure you that this one is not, but if you still want another way to connect, you got it.

Email me directly at:

Or send me a message/note/DM through social media, especially for quick questions:


Twitter: @writingmonicker

Instagram: @writingmonicker

Or stick with the form below and I’ll get back to you soon!