In my last post, I wrote about exhaustion and its many forms. But it would be impossible for me to spend so much time thinking about exhaustion without also reflecting on the reverse: rest and recovery. Exhaustion was ever-present and inescapable; rest eluded me. Rest and, perhaps more importantly, recovery
At the end of last semester, I stopped telling people I was “good.” Instead, when they asked, “how are you?” my answer went from “tired” to “so tired” to “exhausted.” I settled on exhausted for the rest of the semester; it sounded simple and relatable, especially in the week before
From Thursday, Nov. 14 to Friday, Nov. 15, I attended a new symposium at IU on qualitative methods. The theme and title of the event was “Researching the Margins: Conducting Qualitative Research in Quantitative Fields.” Inspired by a visit last year from Dr. Kakali Bhattacharya, the intention of this inaugural
A few days ago, another student asked what time people woke up in the morning. My reply – “6 am”  –was followed by gasps and cries of “why?!” And so I remembered I’d been meaning to write this blog post. There are multiple reasons why I crawl out of bed
Most days I wake up at 6 am. “Most days” excludes weekends and days I don’t have to be on campus. I wake up early and leave the house early too, around 8, partly to get parking. I can be ready within an hour. That leaves an extra hour between
My last post talked about White Woman Tears, the concept behind one of my recent pin designs. The second design in that series, with the words “Wrong Asian Try Again!” is the more self-explanatory pin of the two. Of course, it’s never wise to just assume someone understands what you